Overwhelming of Soul: Loneliness

Overwhelming of Soul: Loneliness

by: Brandon Bedell

You are fortunate,
If you never experience it.
I wish no person,
Ever have to embrace its load.
Imagine standing in the middle of a large room,
With no doors or windows,
Solitary, darkness beyond all imagination.
So dark, you can physically feel its existence.
A terrible pressure is present,
Your heart held in a vice,
Close to the point of breaking.
You try to scream,
For Help,
But no sound can be heard.
Your mouth has been sealed.
You try to reach up,
To Free yourself,
But your hands are bound.
This is a terrible feeling,
Unlike anything else,
To know that no matter how hard you struggle,
You will not break free,
And, there is nobody around,
Nobody to help you.
This is the feeling,
The feeling of Loneliness.
Overwhelming of soul.


About brinkmanb47

About Howdy! Let me introduce myself! My name is Brandon Bedell, as you must have already surmised. Some also know me as Colonel Cane, Brinkman, or just simply Brink. I am 29 years old. I grew up in a small town called Grant in the State of Michigan. Living most of that time on the wonderful waters of the Muskegon River. Small towns are great to create a mixture of emotions and experiences that inspire creativity. I have always loved to write and have been creating various different pieces for some time now. I have been out of the hobby for a significant season but am ready to jump back into the ink. Over time I will post some of my older pieces and add the new. I hope that you all enjoy it and feel free to comment as you wish!
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One Response to Overwhelming of Soul: Loneliness

  1. Lillie coster says:

    There’s always Jesus…….

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